overly emotional about niall's interactions with zayn & harry.






I get so tense I’m often close to puking. We started off on a TV show so I should be at home there, but every time we do telly it riddles me with nerves. I’m petrified from the minute I get in the dressing room to the second we walk out on to the set. I don’t know why - and it’s getting worse.

I just spiral into this one massive bag of nerves. Then, when the next show comes along, it starts again, only worse. Maybe it’s because it feels quite intimate? I don’t like singing in front of small crowds.

In 2013, when we were invited to perform at the American Music Awards, I was in a state about singing a song I was usually comfortable with. Then before we went out, Justin Timberlake was coming off after collecting an award and I remember saying to the lads: “Is that the calibre of people here?” To make matters worse, as he walked off Justin came over to say hello and I was bricking it, nearly swallowing my own puke. I was fine in the end, but it’s draining being that nervous.

- Niall in Who We Are (x)

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Anonymous asked:
Could you please rec me some good narry writers?


silvergalaxy (my queeen, all of her oneshots are incredible, and sweet and fuffy and soooo well written and funny and everything good… my personal favourite is it will come around and laura knows this cause i told her mutliple times, there’s this line in it that i loveeee so much lmao caus eits so cute and funny, and the whole thins is soooo damn cute…anyway others are amazing too, especially the fake dating one (right side of the wrong bed) and the 5+1 one (a kiss just like a whisper) and all the friends to lovers, honestly just read everything cause im about to start posting links to all of her fics cause they’re all my fave… the established relationship ones will make your heart explode with all the happiness! i love laura!)

arie-172 (her oneshots are sooooo long, like man even her drabbles are like 3k… anyway her fic ideas always facinate me, like the plots are incredible and so is the writing!!!! if you like ziall read that too!! but yeah my fave would be come closer (you know you want to) … i just love it so much, i love the ending, i love the story just everything…also limits don’t exist …. so cute, i love it, i just love everything, go read it and praise her!)

leprechauncupcakes (soooooo many fics, its like heaven…big variety also (like all styles, reality, au, everything) and they’re all really gooooood! my fave is probably you make me lighter cause im a sucker for hp aus…there’s soooo many good one’s though like Kissing Booth is sooo sweet and the snapback ones are sooo good…also read the drabbles too. and again if you like ziall those are amazing as well)

littlecather (she’s little-cather on tumblr, go follow her, she’s super nice! anyway HER FICS ARE INCREDIBLE, sooo good, again amazing ideas, and long oneshots, well written and sooo cute! i would have to go with the wedding singer as my favourite, although both searching and see to my soul are just as great as well as the other ones! honestly i can’t wait for more of her fic, really talented, you won’t be sorry if you read this!)

mandanarry ( i think theyir tumblr is mandanarry as well im not sure though…anyway their fics are incredible, i love them sooo much, especially the christmas one’s … Your Lips on My Lips is my fave, but all of them are sooo good!)

niallharold ( i looooveee sara’s fic, there’s lots of smut hahaha and they’re soooo good…also lots of canon if you like that!! thinking out loud verse is great!)

brokendrums ( so good, so so so so good, i love everything! Old Friends, New Lovers is one of my all time favourite narry fics, its so sweet! … also good enough to eat … simply incredible)

strawberryfinn (all im gonna say is trial and error …. amazing)

siempreniall (again i love everything! Harry Styles and the Seven-Year Chase has to be my fave, once again, hp au = life)

zmalikd ( not exactely a narry writer but there’s a few narry oneshots and they’re great….Too Young To Surrender is one of my all time favourite narry fics as i love friends to lovers and you should definitely read it)

missing-headache ( the nanny au is the best thing ever, read it like now!!!)

jamesniall ( i loooooveee andreaaa and i love her fics!!! seriously they’re soooo good, im gonna cry…. let’s spin the world around is my fave… i mean…spanish…fuck my ass)

irishnamesandpaperplanes (possibly the cutest and sweetest oneshots i’ve ever read, i really enjoyed them, they made me so happy and they’re soooo well writen and just amazing in general…Be my honey bunny has my heart!)

my1dslash (thought i’d finish with this…these oneshots are probably the first narry things i read, they are all so good and sweet and so cute…also mini fics..art class is incredible…just read everything, it’s all soooo amazing, the oneshots, random writings, challenges, everything, just read it all! )

haleyhellums: I said “I want an awesome pic” Then @niallhoran got a leg cramp…

haleyhellums: I said “I want an awesome pic” Then @niallhoran got a leg cramp…

parrotiny replied to your post: all i do is daydream about niall marry…

zayn and niall are already married, now we have to wait for the marriage pact niall and harry made in mullingar to take effect and zayn and harry to exchange real rings instead of cock rings *stares out of window*

so real it HURTS

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